Wood Brothers Flying Colours

Flying Colours is an arena-based multiplayer dogfighting game for VR. The game features a realistic aerodynamic, physics-based flight model, seaplanes that model landing on water, and some of the most exhilarating, chaotic, and hilarious air battles you can experience with your headset.

Snake.City, Trust In Play (2018)

This game encourages festival goers to form a human snake by holding onto a person's phone at the tail end. It was produced in collaboration with Tomo Kihara and Giulia Gualtieri for the European School of Urban Game Design.

TV Aerial Simulator, GGJ 2019

This playful VR experience was created at the Northumbria University site for Global Game Jam (GGJ 2019). This game recreates a key experience from our home life in the 1970s. While one player watches television, the other player has to adjust a TV aerial to keep the signal strong.

Let's Go Fly a Kite, Leap Motion Jam (2015)

Fly a physically realistic kite in Virtual Reality. This game was originally made for the Leap Motion in their game jam.