Being a Kraken

5s loop of gameplay
Being A Kraken

Being a Kraken was created for the Ludum Dare #33 “You are the Monster” Games Jam and competition.

This game was created in 16 hours inspired by the competition theme. It uses rigid body physics where each physics object models its own buoyancy. The ships start to sink if a good proportion of their volume is submerged. In contrast, the player controls a Kraken which is neutrally buoyant allowing it to travel through three dimensions.

It the game you attack ships from below using stealth. The ships will target your last sighted position with depth charges.

  • Kraken is controlled by yaw and pitch relative to world coordinates. The Kraken will roll but will self-right for an improved player experience;
  • Buoyancy is really modelled: ships take on water when tipped and actually sink;
  • Depth charges behave quite a lot like real ones – especially that moment where they enter the water and slow;
  • This game was Not Made in Unity – but I’ve opened up the game framework to the Ludum Dare (and wider) community.

Download for free at