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“Cool App, Flight Control with paws and claws”
  by _Topher_ on iTunes

“Yeah, while I do have a sick addiction to COLLECTING apps, this one quells some of my gaming basic needs:

-Intuitive controls (while you have complete control of your doggies, the sheep have minds of their own).
-The right difficulty (games are unlikely to drag on forever as it does get difficult after a few levels).
-A good bonus system (I need my games to allow me to either just finish a level or, if feeling cocky, take some risks to gain much bigger points).
-Randomness (my number one priority and while the playfield is fixed, where sheep magically pop up in the field is good and random).
-Pretty original gameplay!
4.5/5 at this point at least.”
  by LordGek senior member touchArcade