Imaginary Skip Rope – 2015

The Creative Exchange - Imaginary Skip Rope

I was lucky to be visiting Lincoln University during Global Game Jam (GGJ15) where we created an Imaginary Skip Rope game with John Shearer.

We think Imaginary Skip Rope is interesting because unlike traditional Skip Rope our game is a little more forgiving – there is a relatively low risk of injury since you can jump to any height, you’re not out when you get hit, and best of all, you use your imagination.

The game uses verlet integration to power the physics behind the simulation. However, as someone at the games jam suggested – why bother – why not just pretend to simulate it since you can’t see it anyway? That’s a good question.

The theme of GGJ15 was You Are The Controller. As a person playing this its not really about the game engine – you are the play engine – will you go fast or will you go slow?

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