Being A Kraken

5s loop of gameplay

Being A Kraken

Being a Kraken was created for the Ludum Dare #33 “You are the Monster” Games Jam and competition.

This game was created in 16 hours inspired by the competition theme. It uses rigid body physics where each physics object models its own buoyancy. The ships start to sink if a good proportion of their volume is submerged. In contrast, the player controls a Kraken which is neutrally buoyant allowing it to travel through three dimensions.

It the game you attack ships from below using stealth. The ships will target your last sighted position with depth charges.

  • Kraken is controlled by [world] yaw and [local] pitch. The roll axis self-rights for an improved experience
  • Buoyancy is really modelled: ships take on water when tipped and actually sink
  • Depth charges behave quite a lot like real ones – especially that moment where they enter the water and slow
  • This game was Not Made in Unity – but I’ve opened up the game framework to the Ludum Dare (and wider) community

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Mugi Sim

Mugi Sim is an authentic recreation of flying a radio controlled model glider

Mugi Sim

Mugi Sim

The simulator seeks to recreate the feel and fun of flying the Mugi radio control glider. We place you on a windy hill top overlooking a town in the north of the UK.

This game does not give you an arcade style experience – while flying you are not inside the glider and instead control it as it flies in front of you. It will take a lot of skill to pilot the model in the space in front of you.

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Link to YouTube video

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Imaginary Skip Rope

I was invited to Lincoln University to take part in Global Game Jam (GGJ15) where we created an Imaginary Skip Rope game.

We think this is interesting because unlike traditional Skip Rope our game is a little more forgiving – there is a relatively low risk of injury since you can jump to any height , you’re not out when you get hit, and best of all, you use your imagination.

See and read about our Imaginary Skip Rope game in full here

ASCII Pang – Sweet.Oblivion

This was my first ever Game Jam for Sweet.Oblivion in 1999, now

It’s written entirely in a86 and it’s an ASCII version of the game Pang. You can download the source code and but you will need to play it via DOSBox. This entry won third place in the competition and $10. Get ASCII Pang


Koi pond

This was our interactive Koi pond installed at LifeTM, February 2011. It was designed with hardware engineers Cas and Karim Ladha with animated models by Nick Lewis. Children could create ripples and chase the fish away in this magical pool.