I’m currently experimenting with Unity and the screenshots below are from an upcoming release of Mugi – a radio control flight simulator that was originally designed for people to learn to fly a mugi.

Unity has been a great platform for creating this game. It allows easy position of objects which can be used to configure the environment. In the screenshot I have placed local instances of wind using 3D models of arrows. Unity has a system called Prefabs which allows you to create, configure game objects in your game so that they come complete with graphics, programming code and easy to set parameters. The wind in the diagram is created with a prefab that allows the wind position to be using its visual editor. This visual editor makes it easy to drop localised wind so you can accurately model a flying slope that can produce lift off the main slopes, while also simulating ‘rotor’.

You can download the current version of Mugi from the Dropbox link here.