Have some outdoor fun with the latest version of our little game – Streetimals.

This game was motivated by research around how we might support child-led improvised play in public spaces. We know how there are fewer places than every for young people to play outside and it has never been more important to support and encourage outdoor play. Fortunately, we believe that our phones with their many sensors are the perfect platform for helping us have fun outdoors – and so we made Streetimals.

In Streetimals you become a wild street animal. Different Streetimals have different characteristics which are driven by a simplistic gaming mechanic. What each Streetimal needs is easy to understand, but should not limit what games you can play.

For example, to play as the cheetah you must hold your phone perfectly flat as she stalks towards her prey. Maybe you can use this as part of a game of tig or scramble up a slope on a playing field.

The rooster is another Streetimal, but he does not like sudden movement. Beware moving too quickly, as the rooster will go to sleep and you will have to shake the device to reawaken them. What will happen if you climb across an adventure playground – can you move smoothly enough to keep the rooster happy?

Whatever you do, we would like to hear about – thow us a hashtag streetimals #streetimals.

Remember when playing outdoors to always be aware of your surroundings, stay alert and play nicely.

Check back in to see what other fun Streetimals we’ve added that will allow you to see the world around you in new ways, and find new ways to play outside with your friends.

Streetimals was created in 2016 with help from Caroline Ball at Bad Apples North East. Streetimals is a registered trademark of BaaWolf.