Ludum Dare #33 – You are the Monster

Being a Kraken was my entry for the Ludum Dare #33 “You are the Monster” Games Jam and competition.

I created my game in 16 hours and I am still continuing to work on playability and add new features. It uses rigid body physics where each physics object models its own buoyancy. The ships start to sink if a good proportion of their volume is submerged. In contrast, the player controls a Kraken which is neutrally buoyant allowing it to travel through three dimensions.

It the game you attack ships from below using stealth. The ships will target your last sighted position with depth charges.

Unique features:

  • Kraken is controlled by [world] yaw and [local] pitch. The roll axis self-rights for an improved experience
  • Buoyancy is really modelled: ships take on water when tipped and sink when they don’t displace enough water for their weight
  • Depth charges have a ballistic trajectory and enter the water and slow with the fluid density
  • This game was Not Made in Unity – but the game framework and game is fully published on github.