Mugi Sim Instructions

IMG_2022Download and play for free

If you have a home computer running Windows then you can download the Mugi flight simulator for free.

The simulator seeks to recreate the feel and fun of flying a radio control Mugi.

1) If you have Windows 7 installed please ensure you have XAudio 2 and Direct X11 installed.

This convenient update will allow you to install XAudio 2.

Please download DirectX11 from:…

Running the game
1) After you have obtained the games archive from the download please unpack to a convenient location on your hardrive – such as gamesmugi
2) Ensure your Oculus Rift is connected with the Direct To Rift mode.
3) Double click on mugi.exe from the zip archive. If you have your Oculus Rift setup correctly it will open with the steroscopic view on both the window and the Oculus Rift.
If you’ve not setup your Oculus Rift in then it will open as a standard Windows application.

Controller support

The simulator currently supports a keyboard and Xbox 360 controller.

An Xbox 360 controller is a good likeness to flying with an actual transmitter if you haven’t flown a real radio controlled aircraft.

Please carefully consider and experiment with your choice of flight mode. The keyboard and Xbox 360 controller settings let you fly with either elevator on the left hand, or elevator on the right hand.