Mugi Sim VR

Mugi Sim is an authentic recreation of flying a radio controlled model glider

Mugi Sim

Mugi Sim

This simulation recreates the feel and fun of flying the Mugi radio control glider. We place you on a windy hill top overlooking Huddersfield – a town in the north of the UK.

This game does not give you an arcade style experience – while flying you are not inside the glider and instead you must control its flight in front of you. It will take a lot of practice and skill to learn to fly along the hill and choosing where to place your aircraft.

The new version of Mugi has been written from the ground up in Unity. Unity has been a great platform for creating this game and has made it easy to add features like a detailed wind model.

The wind was added using prefabs in Unity. Prefabs allow you to create easy-to-use game objects that come prefabricated with their own graphics, programming code and parameters. These prefabs allow wind position and orientation to be set using the visual editor. This makes it easy to drop sources of localised wind so you can accurately model a flying slope with on the main slopes, while also simulating ‘rotor’ behind the slope.

You can download the current version of Mugi from the on