Together Porting

This project was conducted in my role as Innovation Fellow at Northumbria University.

Together Porting is a new method for locomotion designed for social VR. Our Interact 2023 demo showed three different methods of teleportation: 1) Players can target people before teleporting to their group in an F-formation. 2) Players can be brought to join the player (subject to consent). 3) Stacked reticles allow players to find a consensus of destination.

Come Sit with Me, DemVR (2019)

We worked with carers of people living with dementia to design a private VR shared space at the Dementia VR hackathon organised by Open Lab. Our prototype connected people in a care home to their family by sitting them side by side on a park bench in one of Newcastle upon Tyne's beautiful green spaces.

The design was created with Violeta Tsenova and was awarded second prize for best design at the hackathon.