TV Aerial Simulator

“left a bit. Hold it there. No, do what you did before….” @benki

TV Aerial Simulator was created for GGJ19 for the theme What Home Means to You? by Gavin Wood and John Rooksby. TV Aerial Simulator recreates our fond memories from the 70s of aligning TV aerials to find a better signal.

View inside VR and the “outdoors” aerial

The game is played in VR and needs two or more people to play. One person wears the VR headset and sees an “authentic” 1970s living room and the TV. The other player is the one who would be on a roof. They must move the aerial around to the instructions from the person watching TV to get a better picture. For an authentic experience the person with the aerial should rely just on verbal instructions from the viewer rather than by looking at a screen.

The game was inspired by previous GGJ games including Sacred Harvest and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Read more about it on the GGJ19 website or fork the game on GitHub.